The first step on the way to success in khelo365 poker is to play only with good starting hands. This strategy ensures that most often in the later rounds of trading, where the price of each error increases significantly, you will find yourself with the best combination and win the pot.

Indeed, many combinations of pocket cards seem very attractive to an inexperienced player. Special love is enjoyed by:

  • any hands with a Queen, King and ACE,
  • single-match cards and connectors-cards that follow each other at face value (for example, 65 or 32).

However, playing with such cards, you risk losing more often, even if you collect a good combination on the board. For example, if you get a top pair with a K-7 hand, you may end up behind someone else’s top pair with the best kicker-K-Q. This situation is called dominance.

You can argue that such hands can catch two pairs, a straight, or even a ready flush on the flop, but the probability of these outcomes is negligible (no more than 2-3%). Much more often than not, you will not get into the flop, but you will have to make more difficult decisions on each street. If you want to make it easier to select hands from the range, you can use ready-made charts of starting hands, selected by several parameters, including discipline, type of game, table position, table size, and stacks.

A game with a narrow range of starting hands is called “tight”, one of the meanings of which is “careful”. By adhering to the tight game style, you save yourself from making difficult decisions and will often get an advantage over less cautious players.

By the way, a game with opening more hands has a separate name – loose style which literally means “uninhibited”. A loose game has its own advantages — for example, it is more difficult for your opponents to understand which hand you have. However, this style leads to more frequent — in comparison with the tight game — getting into difficult situations and a riskier game with the need to bluff more often. At low limits, especially in very cheap tournaments, a significant part of the opponents plays loosely, perceiving each hit in the board as almost a 100% victory. If you want to win against such players, you just need to adhere to the tight style of play, because it will give you the opportunity to regularly dominate the hands of loose opponents, putting them in difficult situations, so you will often take the pot. This will become one of the main income items for you in the early stages of your poker career.

Aggressive play

Another component of success at the initial limits is aggression. Since the profit in any game is created from the mistakes of opponents, the pressure of aggression allows you to encourage the wrong decisions. This is why in poker India; a bet or raise is often preferable to a call. By calling, you agree to the “lead” of the player who placed the bet, while the raise gives you the opportunity to dictate the game by taking the initiative. Your decision puts the opponent in uncomfortable conditions and gives him a chance to make a mistake. Now he needs to puzzle over what you have in your hand and what combination you got, whether he beats this combination, or you show a bold and risky bluff.

The main weapon of an aggressive player is doubt: by making bets and raises, you make your opponents doubt their hands, the strength of the collected combinations and the correctness of the chosen strategy, so they can reinsure themselves and throw off good hands or pay for your bets with worse hands.

Aggression as a way of seizing the initiative often brings more benefits than equalizing other people’s bids.

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