Why do you need a bankroll and have a reserve in your account, when you can play all the money at once in major games?

If you decide to take poker seriously, as an occupation that will bring you a good income in the very near future, you should learn a few things:

Confidence in yourself and in your game is the key to success:

  • You will always be uncomfortable if you know that the next hand may leave you without money.
  • Bankroll allows you to feel comfortable at the table – you are ready to play and are not afraid to lose, nothing distracts you.
  • In online poker India real money, you can’t make a million in one night – you will go through a long series of gaming sessions on the way to success

But any of them can end badly for you. This is a risk that every poker player understands. And putting all your money on the line many times in a row is not the best idea. This strategy is more suitable for roulette than a professional poker game.

Bankroll allows you to stay at high limits and win big money. It is one thing when you buy up your $3,000 at the table and risk losing everything overnight, because the luck factor in one session is too great; and it is quite another when you buy up $100 at the tables many times over the course of a month, you win less, but constantly and without any risk. Bankroll is the basis of stable earnings.

The size of your bankroll allows you to determine which bets you can play on in order to achieve an optimal balance between return and risk.

If you play at too low rates, with a large bankroll, you will move up too slowly – your capital will “perform poorly” and will not bring in much revenue. If you play too expensive games, you will give yourself up to luck and may lose all your money.

Bankroll rules

So, what kind of bankroll should you have to play? Since there are different types of poker, the specifics of bankrolling for each of them also differ. Below we will explain the bankroll rules for cash games, multi-table tournaments (MTT), and Sit-and-Go (SNG) tournaments.

Bankroll for cash

When playing free online poker for money, it is advisable to adhere to the following rule: if you want to play on a certain limit, you will need a bankroll of at least 30 buy-ins.

This rule applies to the lowest limits. However, the higher you climb the betting ladder, the more bankroll you will need – it will become more difficult to win, and therefore the risk of losing will be greater, you need to thoroughly prepare for this.

If your bankroll falls below the level of 20 buy-ins for the current limit, you should immediately go down to the previous limit and restore it there. Remember that you can lose in poker. In such cases, you should force yourself to move to a lower limit and improve your business – losing a couple of sessions might not be your fault, but the loss of a whole bankroll will definitely be on your shoulders!

Bankroll for SNG

The bankroll rules for Sit-and-Go tournaments differ slightly from those for cash games. In these tournaments, you immediately deposit money for participation, and this amount will be called a buy-in. You should start in SNG with a bankroll of 40 buy-ins for the lowest limit and constantly increase it for all subsequent ones.

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